Pale Humor?

I don’t get it. What makes white people laugh hysterically does not tickle one funny bone in my body.

I’ve been working at a screen printing company for about 6 months now & the more I’m exposed to the middle-aged, white, workplace humor, the more I don’t get it. I mean when one of my co-workers tells a joke, I’m always the only one “fake” laughing (c’mon, you wouldn’t want to be a bad witness). I guess it’s just a whole different category of funny, mostly dwelling in the genre of puns – and almost never leaving. You’d be amazed to see how funny people think puns are.

I heard a pretty bad one today. It was hailing outside and just like a typical middle-aged person would, they went ahead and commented on the obvious particulars of the weather. “Wow, it’s hailing outside!” And without a moment’s hesitation, another guy says, “Hail No! It can’t be hailing…” And consequently laughter ensued for a good while, until the next pun.

But I guess the joke’s on me, because although I knock it, I always catch myself telling the same jokes a couple weeks later. I need to get funny.


One Comment on “Pale Humor?”

  1. esther says:

    im losing my sense of humor as i get older. its sad! remember when we were kind of funny, or at least to ourselves? i miss that

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