Congratulations to the World Champion NY GIANTS.



It’s weird that I congratulate a team from the New York City area in any sports endeavor, but they are truly deserving. They played an outstanding game, and what’s even sweeter is David (Eli Manning) knocked off Goliath (Patriots) to do it.

I’m not much of a bragger, but I’d like to put it on record that I predicted a 3 pt victory by the team from the Big Apple. I straight up spit prophetic truth on Super Bowl Sunday from the pulpit. I guess you could say it was God ordained, sort of a Jeremiah, putting His words in my mouth kind of thing. So if you want to win some money next time, always remember I’m coming to a pulpit near you…

Another reason why this is blog worthy is, because now Boston can’t claim they are perfect in every single sport. World Series Champs (sure), Stanley Cup Champs (not yet), NBA World Champs (probably not, now that Gasol & Bynum are the 2 & 3 to Kobe’s 1), and Super Bowl Champs (definitely not.) Let’s spread the sports wealth Boston and NYC! c’mon let someone else have a chance for a change…

I’m trying to find moments to post entries, but never can find a good time. The material I want to post is just piling up. So this is the first of my many attempts to relieve myself of verbal constipation. I hope to blog not only about things that will keep us entertained, but I plan to use this medium to share Christ with you in the hopes that it could strengthen you and cause you to consider the surpassing worth of knowing Christ.

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