Put A Cup On and Get Back In There!

If you’ve never been to Peoria, it’s pretty amazing. “Amazing!?” you ask? So either I’ve been in the slums of Champaign too long, or there’s a decent city in the middle of our flat state of Illinois.

Mark Driscoll at Related LeadersAnyway, I got a chance to go out there last week for a Related Leaders Conference hosted at Riverside Community Church. Not that I’m holy or anything, taking days off to go to Christian conferences, but I mainly drove the 1.5 hours there to hear Pastor Mark Driscoll speak. Pastor Mark’s the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. It’s a huge & still growing congregation of young Christians in the least churched city in America that was started when Mark was only 26. Crazy.

I’ve been following Pastor Mark’s teaching for about 3 years now and he hardly EVER comes to this area! So it was my only chance to probably ever see him preach. So I grabbed my Bible, a t-shirt (he likes free T’s), and dragged Caroline with me. I can’t explain how excited I was. It was like a little boy in a hardware store (maybe this analogy only works for me). There was the man I’ve been listening to on my iPod speaking at a distance of about 20 ft away from me…live and in living color.

He spoke on several things, but the message that God was speaking to me about comes from a classic line that Pastor Mark says very often to weaksauce Christians, “Put a cup on and get back in there!” This statement has so much truth, encouragement and hope in it. I guess I could go into it more, but the gist of it is, “suck it up and keep running, ’cause complaining ain’t going to fix nothing!” I was refreshed through the conference last week in Peoria, but more importantly I got a swift kick to my spiritual rear end (God’s chosen wake-up call).

Thank you, may I have another?

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