MTV, Secular Music, and Coffee…GONE!

fork & knife

Give it all up, again!?

The Lent season started this past week with Ash Wednesday. Is it just me, or does it seem like Easter gets earlier and earlier every year (it’s gotta be just me). So in the past years I’ve given up so many things during this time, and it always ended up being just a matter of “let’s see how long I can go without doing that again.” And the minute Easter Sunday service ends, we can’t wait to get back to doing what we’ve committed to not do for the last 40 days. It’s the critic inside of us that cries, “is it all even worth it?!”

I guess I have to say some years it was really in the hopes that I would eventually rid myself of some of that which is unnecessary for more of that which is necessary, namely Jesus. Like one year, I gave up watching MTV & listening to secular music, and while it was complete torture for me to begin listening to Christian music for the first time, I did really expand my musical taste to include songs about & for God. I gotta say, if it wasn’t for that lent commitment, I would’ve never had a taste for contemporary Christian music, which is now so vital in my spiritual growth. So I guess it served its purpose of ridding the unnecessary so that we may better see the Necessary. Not that the “unnecessary” is bad in any sense, but that it is simply what it suggests…unnecessary.

So this year my commitment is not in giving up anything, but adding on to my spiritual devotion. Among them is the conviction to continue blogging as a medium of preaching and sharing the gospel (I hope to expand on this thought at a later date). Through these things, my hope is to flush out that which is unnecessary by doing more of that which is necessary to see the One that is essentially deserving of it all.

Lord, may I begin to worship less of that which You have created, and all the more worship the Creator who gives these things for our good.


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