I Can Go Anywhere I Want…as long as natalie’s with me.

So I’ve named her Natalie. But you already have a girlfriend, Dan. What’s wrong with you!? Yes, I know and she’s “woooonnderful” (as she would only say it), but it’s my brand spankin’ new GPS that has a name. Natalie speaks to me with a British accent. It’s beautiful (and eerily polite if I might add). And if you’re lucky she’ll speak to you too! 😉

Natalie, Garmin Nuvi 200 My friends know me best. I thank all of you who got this for me. You know who you are! I’m just thankful always for the gift of friendship. And it always happens at least once a year when God takes a second to hit you upside the head in order for you to remember again just how lucky and blessed you are.

So the minute I got it, I started putting in all the addresses I’ve ever memorized in my life. And for the first night in a long time, I went to sleep excited to go to work the next day, because I could drive with the aid of Natalie, my nuvi.

You know? Come to think of it, I’ve had some pretty sweet gifts from my friends in my day. Here’s a couple things I got in the past:

Canon SD110

1. Canon SD110: a whopping 3.2 mega-pixels! Trust me, it was the cutting edge of digital photography back in the day (not that long ago actually, only 2002)


Palm Tungsten E2. Palm Tungsten E: It was much needed actually. I am quite possibly the most forgetful person on this earth. Although I used it quite a bit to play bejeweled, it came in handy as a second brain.

My friends rock, a lot. 25 years of being lost are now out the window. It’s just me and you, Natalie.


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