Friends, Journals, & Brownie a la mode

Spiritual Journaling

Spiritual Journaling by Richard Peace

Spiritual JournalingA class assignment for Hoj & I allowed us to form a small group and go through a book together on journaling. Basically, it turned into an excuse to get some friends together, snack on junk food, and share more in depth about how God has been and is working in our lives. I believe what began as a class assignment was an altogether enriching experience for all of us, wherein we realized the redemptive power of journaling.

At least for me, that’s where the rejuvenation and inspiration to continue blogging came from. It was not only a great way for me to flush out thoughts that I normally just let linger in my head for a couple hours, but I also thought it was a great means to use the medium of blogging to minister to people (yea, sometimes the content’s not the most “blessing”, but I hope at least it’s informative or entertaining).

Spiritual Journaling

When I think about how Paul was the principal contributer to the proliferation of Christianity worldwide during the first century, I realize that the means of the gospel spreading was pretty innovative for his time. Since he couldn’t possibly visit every city and every house church, he took advantage of the technology that was available to him, namely letters (doesn’t seem like a crazy innovation, but I’m sure in his time it was the cutting-edge. It beats having to carve everything into stone and lugging that around). Paul was a man that used technological advances to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. He was interested in whatever could get the message out there as fast as possible and to as many people as possible. He was a man on a mission.

So I, too, attempt to take a page out of Paul’s play book. May the truth of God reach all people for His glory and our joy.


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