Vintage Jesus

Vintage JesusJust got my copy today!

I’ll write a review on it sooner or later. It’s the first in a series of 6 books by Mark Driscoll this year! sick.

Go get yours today… or if you’re too stingy, then join the facebook group and get automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE book.

some notable quotes from Tim Challies:

“Jesus was a dude. Like my drywaller dad, he was a construction worker who swung a hammer for a living. Because Jesus worked in a day when there were no power tools, he likely had calluses on his hands and muscles on his frame, and did not look like so many of the drag-queen Jesus images that portray him with long, flowing, feathered hair, perfect teeth, and soft skin, draped in a comfortable dress accessorized by matching open-toed sandals and handbag. Jesus did not have Elton John or the Spice Girls on his iPod, *The View* on his TiVo, or a lemon-yellow Volkswagen Beetle in his garage. No, Jesus was not the kind of person who, if walking by you on the street, would require you to look for an Adam’s apple to determine the gender.”

    “The Orthodox and Catholic baby Jesus pictures are simply freakish, with him looking like a Mini-Me complete with a halo. Honestly, if I had a kid like that I would sleep with one eye open.”

      “Sadly, the Catholic Church in which I was raised and served as an altar boy missed the punch line when Jesus called Peter the Rock and, rather than a good laugh, ended up with the papacy.”

      “Jesus also tells some Sunday school teachers they are going to hell, which made the universalistic Emergent folks immediately engage in a conversation about the mythology of hell and fingerpaint about the emotional wounds caused by his words.”


      4 Comments on “Vintage Jesus”

      1. dyuh says:

        is that pretty much his sermon series in print?

      2. surpassingworth says:

        yup. but with the meat that didn’t fit in the sermon. i gotta good deal (50% off), let me know if you want it.

      3. joetekyun says:

        dude, I like blog surfer, but I like reading your RSS in Apple Mail. It’s so nicely integrated and formatted.

      4. faitheurykim says:

        u …post…a lot.

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