The Reality of Sin

Sickness can sober you to the reality sin.

So for the past few days I’ve been plagued with something straight out of Exodus. I swear that it was one of God’s chosen plagues to test this calloused heart. I really don’t know what it was, but what started as wheezing coughs turned into a full blown body & brain attack. (not dramatic enough?) It was as if I was trapped both in Hell & Siberia at the same time. My body was confused on whether to sweat or to shiver. But thankfully, it only lasted a couple days and now I’m back nearer to my equilibrium.

But it really made me think about sin. My first reaction was to curse Adam & Eve for sinning against God, but then again I realized what I’m going through is the just (and very merciful) consequence of sin. Second, I wanted to curse my mother for even bringing me into this earth, but then again that might’ve been a little harsh over just a couple days of the flu. Then finally, I awakened to my spiritual senses and came to grips that this was God’s sovereign and gentle way of reminding me of my frail and finite nature. I felt incapable even to move, let alone jump or run. And that’s when I realized that I am truly nothing and can do nothing apart from the loving mercy of God.

It’s sickness that can sometimes awaken our sluggish hearts to the reality of our sin. I pray that in this season of rampant disease (sorry to freak some of you germophobes) that we’d look soberly into our own hearts to realize the sickness that is in our very nature and come to the only conclusion that God alone is our loving Savior, “gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love and faithfulness” Exodus 36:4


4 Comments on “The Reality of Sin”

  1. dyuh says:

    you have no idea how many people i’ve seen this month with those symptoms… pretty much feeling like a “truck ran over you”…

    next year get the flu shot, especially if you’re gonna be living in the dorms… even though i heard that this year’s flu shot didn’t do a very good job on predicting the strains that are out there… hence having more people get the flu than usual this year… it still might be a good idea…

  2. dyuh says:

    oh and for future reference, if you have health/drug insurance – Tamiflu can decrease the duration of the flu by an entire day if you take it within the first 48 hours… it doesn’t seem like much, but i hear most people who have the flu would die to have one less day of the symptoms… just a heads up…

  3. weightofglory says:

    Thanks for being a trooper and TAing for me on TH nite.
    I had no idea it was this bad.
    And good thoughts about sin and sickness.

  4. Linh says:

    when it’s your head, lungs, throat, sinus, ears, heart and you do want to die… then let me know more of your insights on sin.
    haha, this entry is now my favorite. 🙂

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