Are We Fiddling While Rome Burns?

David Wells, professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, comments on the degenerating state of some of our modern churches. I thought this article to be right on, but I hope to add to it by saying nothing new that Dr. Wells didn’t already imply or say. (read the full article here)

There is nothing that can replace the fellowship of the local Church. While radio programs, podcasts, television shows, web communities, & individual devotion are great additions and supplements to your regular church life, there are by no means biblical substitutes. The minute “church” becomes more about the product that’s packaged than the content that’s preached in community, then we have a problem. When conversations are increasingly filled with “my faith” & contain less “our hope”, we have a problem. And when the church is purposed to serve self, rather than community, there’s a huge problem. Throughout the Bible we see faith lived in community. Adam had his Eve. Moses had Aaron and the Israelites. Ruth had her Naomi. David had his best friend Jonathan. Peter had James and John. Paul had his Timothy. Wherever you look, there was the Word of God in the center, and two or more people gathered around it. That is Church. Let us take heed these alarming statistics and never forsake the power of the local Church in transforming lives to transform the world.


2 Comments on “Are We Fiddling While Rome Burns?”

  1. Linh says:

    hey Dan,
    The M that we worked with in China is from this seminary and using their material to build the underground Sem in C. Apparently they have really good resources and also online classes. Are you planning to move there soon?

  2. surpassingworth says:

    yea it’s a great school. 🙂 i’m taking online classes there right now

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