America’s Most Sinful Cities

Read the full blog here by Dr. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

So how can we measure sin? There’s really no scientific measurement to weigh, calculate, or determine the amount of sin in a person, let alone a whole city. Even so, Forbe’s magazine accomplished to at least create a conversation piece, even if it’s debatable whether their results are conclusive. But haven’t you always wondered? I mean, you hear so much about “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and it’s even called “sin city”. But is Las Vegas the most sinful city in America? Hard to say…

And can we assume that if we’re all sinful in our nature, then where there’s a larger concentration of people there will be a greater concentration of sin (i.e. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago)? Tough to call, since sin works out in so many different ways and levels. I realize that the older I get, the more sin I see both in me and in this world. It’s humbling, tragic, yet fascinating at the same time. May these statistics serve to awaken us of the spiritual state that our country is in and lead us into deeper prayer for revival and renewal in this generation.

Most Lustful: Denver ranked first, joined by San Antonio, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Boise, Washington, DC, Cincinnati, Columbus, Baltimore and Buffalo/Rochester. The research firm of AC Nielson used sales figures for contraceptives and sex items in ranking the list.

Most Jealous: Memphis tops the list, followed by Charlotte, San Antonio, Seattle, Providence, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Columbus, Oklahoma City, Chicago. The rankings were linked to crime rates for personal property.

Most Obese [Gluttony]:  Memphis, Birmingham, San Antonio, Riverside/San Bernardino, Detroit, Jacksonville, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, San Diego.  Health statistics drove this listing.

Most Avaricious [Greed]:  San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Boston, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington, Miami.  The rankings on this sin were determined by looking at the concentration of great wealth.

Most Murderous [Wrath]:  The crime statistics are clear — the most murderous city is Detroit, followed by Baltimore, New Orleans, Newark, St. Louis, Oakland, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Buffalo.

Most Slothful [Sedentary]:  Memphis tops this list as well, followed by New Orleans, Las Vegas, Detroit, Birmingham, Louisville, San Antonio, Jacksonville, Nashville, and Miami.

Most Vain [Pride]:  “Pride is supposed to be a deadly sin. When it comes to their looks, however, fewer Americans are seeing it that way,” say the reporters, who used plastic surgery as the marker for this sin.  Perhaps surprisingly, Salt Lake City ranked first, followed by San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Louisville, Nashville, Virginia Beach, New York, and Los Angeles.


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