My Library Fetish

I have a thing for libraries. Don’t ask me why or where it ever originated from, but I dream about how my future library will look like. I make up blueprints in my head and I’m always on the lookout for examples of other people’s libraries. So while reading the TED blog, I came across this amazing library that resides in Jay Walker’s (inventor and collector) home.

3 stories, glass staircases, floor to ceiling bookshelves, crazy cool

3 Comments on “My Library Fetish”

  1. indiawright says:

    i love libraries too,i like the ol wooden high ones,like in castles and palaces.i ve been in vienna(austria) at the state library:a real beauty

  2. Linh says:

    Libraries were my most favorite place to be till i came into the Church. But it’s still one of my best comfort places. I guess it’s all those books with other’s ideas, thoughts, something of themselves captured and perserved that makes me feel happy to be there. It’s our inventor’s personality. 🙂

  3. F2 says:

    Absolutely awesome. Steven Levy now profiled it in Wired 16.10.

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