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It’s a gathering of the greatest thinkers, most prolific artists, & creative minds of our generation together for the sole purpose of sharing ideas. It’s quite possibly the most volatile think tank of humanity to have been assembled in our day. The following is yesterday’s conference happenings in quotes:

“Who are we? We’re just an upright, walking, big-brained, super-intelligent ape. ” – Paleontologist Louise Leakey

“The first thing we do when we’re born is we breathe in, and we cry. And the last thing we do when we die is we breathe out, and other people cry.” – Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, before leading an exercise in breathing and meditation

“Western science is a major response to minor needs.” – Wade Davis quoting Mattheiu Ricard

“Why do I believe that it is transformative? It enables you to experience the universe. You can tour it, with astronomers as your guides. It will enable a new generation of stories and storytellers.” – Astronomer Roy Gould, while previewing Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope

“I think it is quite likely that we are the only intelligent civilization within several hundred light years” – Stephen Hawking

“I’m not blaming anyone. This is just who we are right now”. – Photographer Chris Jordan, whose large-format works illustrate statistics of modern life, like the 40 million paper cups used by Americans every day

“You go in as an individual, but emerge as a community which reaffirms its sense of place on the planet.” – Wade Davis, describing a traditional run through the Peruvian mountains, taking in peaks of 11,000 and 15,000 feet in 36 hours

“It’s as if my consciousness had shifted away. I could no longer define the boundaries of my body. Then I realize: I’m having a stroke. And my left hemisphere tells me: Wow, this is so cool; how many brain scientists have the chance to study that from the inside?” — Jill Taylor

“Before the Web, there was just one guy running around saying ‘I KNOW!'” – Robin Williams, ad-libbing, after taking the stage during a technical problem in the BBC World Debate

Pangea Day
Can a movie change the world?

Stuff like this gets me excited. I think of the potential that could be realized when great minds are gathered together sharing their ideas and what could happen when people move from merely thinking to actually doing. Even though my blood gets pumping as I think of a gathering like this, I inevitably think of the meaningless nature of it all if it’s not in any effort to bring glory to God and expand his kingdom. And then the thoughts naturally lead to, “what if these men and women were followers of Christ, given over to using their God-given genius to strategize for the Kingdom of God?” And this is when my blood really gets pumping, because I realize that if we want to move the world with the Gospel, someone needs to reach these people. Someone needs to reach the people that are already reaching the world.

Lord, may you enlighten the most brilliant people of our generation with the brilliant truth of your Gospel of Grace. And use me Lord in any way to advance your kingdom for your glory and the good of our generation.


3 Comments on “TED2008”

  1. faitheurykim says:

    cool stuff.
    u think of the most random…most absolutely random things.

  2. petersonion says:

    Why do you think the most brilliant people of our age, the truly good and creative, the history makers, aren’t already Christian? It’s not like they don’t know about it.

    Just curious.

  3. surpassingworth says:

    Petersonion: what do you mean, “it’s not like they don’t know about it”? I agree with you though… there are plenty of great minds and history makers that are followers of Christ. But what I was personally challenged with was the task of taking the gospel even further to these people who are shaping the way we think, and not necessarily for the purpose of bringing glory to God or building up the kingdom.

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