The Law & Love


TED2008: Day 2 in Quotes: “‘A lot of religious people prefer to be right, rather than compassionate.’ – Religion scholar and TED prize winner Karen Armstrong”

(Via TED | TEDBlog.)

It’s obvious, the world wants to see that we care more than it wants to know if we’re right. But for Christians there’s such a tension in whether to love people or keep the law, because for us it’s due to the truth of God’s word that we care. And eventually, we care so that others would know the Truth. So in many instances God’s Word & the world are seemingly in paradox. For example, how are we to love homosexuals? Since the Bible is straight forward on the subject (Romans 1:18-32), are we to love them to the point they change and repent of their sin or accept them for who they are?

The real question is how are we to love the world without compromising the Word? I think again, it’s simply holding fast to doxology (the truth of God), yet being committed to missiology (reaching people). What a challenge to the church.

Lord, let me not lose hold of your Word, nor lack love for the world.


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