For all two of you out there who are regular readers of this blog (yup, both my sister and my mom) please keep me in your prayers as I travel to the capital of the “dirty south”, Atlanta. I’ll be speaking at a youth retreat this weekend.

I’ve never been to the South and even though I’ve been to Miami, apparently it isn’t considered the “South” (although according to my map, it’s below Atlanta). All I know about Georgia is that they’re the “Peach State” and coincidentally my favorite fruit is the White Peach! And if my memory serves me correctly, the south is supposed to be notorious for their fried chicken, which is another love of mine, so I’m pretty much going to be in food heaven this weekend! So if I never return, you know why.


2 Comments on “Hot-lanta”

  1. Redemption Story says:

    may the King be exalted through you and in you
    praying for ya

  2. Linh says:

    haha, i love pj’s blessing comment after your worldly post. 😀 BTW, Atlanta is also known for where Coke was invented so visit the free Coke museum when you get the chance (i know that’s your addiction) and also one of the greatest band in the world, Third Day, is from Atlanta. oh yea, and speak the Word with boldness! be strong.

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