Americon Idol Top 12

Hooked yet? I am. If you’re like me, you get excited for the weekend to be over because you know on Tuesday and Wednesday American Idol’s on. What an amazing concept for a show. It is everything American’s stand for: the underdog, instant fame, living out the dream, and good ol’ competition. Anyways, I thought I’d chime in on this week’s performances and results.

Best of the Week: tie between Carly Smithson & Chikezie
Worst of the Week: Kristy Lee Cook, a trippy country version that ruined the Beatles classic, “8 Days a Week”.
Surprise of the Week: David Archuleta folding under the pressure of being the front-runner
Voted Out: David Hernandez, even though it should’ve been Kristy Lee Cook, based on her horrendous performance. I think the bottom 3 were in their right positions this week. Any one of them could’ve been voted off without much fuss from anyone.
Random Notes: Anyone else really love Jason Castro? I’d buy his album. Last week’s rendition of “Hallelujah” was sick!

Next Week’s Predicted Loser: Kristy Lee Cook, she ain’t got too long to live after killing a Beatles classic.


One Comment on “Americon Idol Top 12”

  1. tenthredemption says:

    jason castro makes me melt.

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