American Idol Top 11

Beatles, again?! C’mon, I love the Beatles, but it seemed a little redundant. I loved last week, because I always felt like a Beatles themed show would be sick. But too much of a good thing is never good


Best of the Week: David Cook with Day Tripper
Worst of the Week: “Cooliosis”, the word Randy Jackson made up. He’s ridiculous.
Surprise of the Week: Jason Castro without a guitar? I thought he’d go through the whole competition with one. He proved me wrong, but makes me a bigger fan every show.
Voted Out: Amanda Overmyer, I thought she’d make it at least one or two more weeks. But I definitely didn’t think she’d last this far.
Random Notes: Does anyone remember Josiah from Hollywood week? I wonder how we would’ve fared in this competition if he were let in. I was a huge fan.

Next Week’s Predicted Loser: Kristy Lee Cook (record: 0/1)


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