Was it Quiet on Wednesday?

It’s Wednesday and I have much to learn on what it means to behold Christ, especially in light of the significance of this week. Middle of the week meditation can prepare us for week ending exultation.

After a long day of rigorous religious banter with the Scribes, teaching to the large crowds, and intimate conversations with His disciples, Jesus rose early again this morning, as was his usual practice, and spent some quiet moments meditating on the Scriptures. He was fully aware of the importance of what was to come in the next days. He had read the prophecies as a young boy and He was assured of the calling set before Him. He was to do the will of His Father, to bear the cross for the sins of all mankind. But this morning, He took extra care to read the prophetic words, for He knew that though His Spirit may be willing, His body was weak.

Just like every other day this week, Jesus made His way toward the Temple in Jerusalem to teach the crowds that were gathered excited to listen. With each morning, the crowds grew. And with each day, the shift was clear; Jesus was the favored teacher. Caiphus & the Pharisees were well aware of the shift in influence. But in their minds, they knew this was going to be short lived, so they thought nothing of it. The activity was still high in the back rooms, where the religious elders were gathered scheming. They just needed the perfect opportunity to strike. But they had a man on the inside that was going to fix it all for them. Counting down the days, the religious rulers waited anxiously tightening up their case against the Christ.

Meanwhile, Jesus finished teaching and spent the rest of His day in fellowship with His disciples in the house of Simon, the leper. Today was a solemn day of reflection and anticipation of the events to come. Jesus knew all to well, though the crowds may sit and listen intently today, they were just as likely to mock and accuse Him tomorrow. In His last days, He chose to spend it strengthening His disciples, preparing them for what was to come.

Though it may have been a relatively quiet day, the threats of murder were becoming much louder as the religious rulers sought more to back their cause. They bought the hand of Judas, but now they sought the hand of a king named Herod.

Luke 21:38


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