The Rooster Cries For You

Murderer? Adulterer? Liar? Cheat? Certainly none of these could be true of me. There’s no way I’d fall into sin like that. I love Jesus too much. On this day, I stare soberly into a mirror and realize that Peter’s denial of Christ is my story. 

It was late into the night Thursday, nearing the dawn of a new day. Peter stood peering up into the room where his Teacher was being questioned. Trying not to be noticed, he pulled his cloak tighter and sunk his head deeper into his hood. All he could hear was what seemed to be a one-sided conversation with moments of abrupt yelling from what he could tell was a sizable group of elder teachers of the law and some court officials. The fire in front of him was burning bright but not warm enough to blanket the chill he just couldn’t seem to shake. “What did He mean, ‘You will fall away?!’ Doesn’t He know how devoted I am? No rooster will crow, I’ll make sure of it.” Peter stood diligently rubbing his shivering hands together, waiting for His Teacher to be released. “I’ll show Him how devoted I am. He’ll see that I was the only one to come back for Him, then He’ll see.”

“You… weren’t you also with the Nazarene, Jesus” said a servant girl noticing Peter’s distinguished face in the flicker of the fire. Stunned and shaken, Peter quickly denied the girls accusation, “I neither know nor understand what you mean!” Stumbling back from the fire, He began to hurriedly head for the entrance of the court hoping no one else caught a glimpse of him. “If they had, they may question me or even worse, they may try me and arrest me! I have to hide.”

Ominously, in the distance the crow of a rooster pierced through the night sky. “Such a sound is only heard in the morning. I must be hearing things,” mumbled Peter. The servant girl followed the stumbling Peter and began to inquire with the others gathered, “This man is one of them.” Immediately, Peter shook his head, motioning that none of this could be true. As more and more people were alerted of the presence of one of Jesus’ disciples, Peter finally exclaimed, “I do not know this man of whom you speak!” Again the rooster crowed through the chill of the night. And it was in that moment that the questioning crowds, the accusations of the young servant girl, & the cold of night began to fade. And in the foreground Peter heard the voice of His Teacher, whom he declared to love, “Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.”

“How could I have not taken heed? Couldn’t I just stand up and proclaim that I knew this man, Jesus? Why was it this moment that had to prove I’m a coward? How could I deny Him? How could I deny my love for Him? What did I just do…” Broken in the sudden realization of his actions, he crumbled to both knees, weeping into his hands tears of regret.

Mark 14:53-72


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