Tears Under the Weight of Truth

“Emphasize the Easter heart, not the Easter hat” read a sign on a nearby road. This day is quite possibly the pinnacle of the Christian calendar. It is the day we remember the miraculous, powerful, and victorious resurrection of Jesus from the dead. And for me, the moment that captures this mysterious and quiet exaltation is the account of Peter and John running to see Jesus’ empty tomb in John 20. May we all run to the tomb of Jesus on this day and fully grasp what the empty tomb means for us. Let it not be merely a reason to eat chocolates, but a moment to remember Christ’s victory. Happy Resurrection everyone!

“They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him.” said Mary Magdelene. A perplexed Peter looked over at John with concern. “Did they steal the body?!” thought Peter. John, wanting to see for himself, motioned to Peter that they should go. Peter, hesitantly agreed, picking up his things, but before he knew it, John had begun to run toward the tomb. Seeing he was getting far ahead, Peter began to run after him. But all he could think about was his failure just a couple nights ago. He still couldn’t forgive himself.

Arriving second at the tomb, Peter peered in to the opening. Fearful he might still see Jesus, John assured him it was alright to go in. Stepping foot inside the tomb was a surreal moment for Peter. He couldn’t quite grasp that this was truly Jesus’ tomb. And what made it all the more unreal, was the empty grave clothes and the neatly folded face cloth. “It was true what He said. He was really going to raise from the dead in three days!”

All that Peter had professed about Jesus being the Son of God, was now confirmed in an undeniable way by this empty grave. In complete awe, Peter had to share this moment with his friend John, whom he directed in. And as John & Peter stood together in the empty grave of Jesus, they stood silently staring at the emptiness. Nothing was ever so beautiful. Both disciples felt the overwhelming weight of all that Jesus had taught them fall on their shoulders. Dropping to their knees in exultant worship there were tears streaming from each ones face, because now, as it had never before, the truth of their Teacher’s words were ringing true in their own hearts. The scriptures were now confirmed by this single sight of the empty tomb. After a moment of joyful worship, the disciples were determined to return in order to tell the others of what they saw.

John 20:1-10


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