American Idol Top 10

It’s getting tougher to predict who’s gonna get booted each week! But I think the creme is rising to the top… and it’s Josiah Leming! I’m not sure if it’s just rumors or if it’s of substance, but supposedly he’s signed a record deal with Warner Bros.? Pretty crazy yo. I was a huge fan… I hope he does well. Anyways…here’s this week’s recap:


Best of the Week: David Cook with Billie Jean (can i just say how this was probably one of my favorite performances in the last few years… sick stuff)

Worst of the Week: Carly Smithson. She’s got the voice, but losing her appeal.

Surprise of the Week: Michael Johns with his Queen medley. In the immortal words of one Lil’ Mama, “That was hot!”

Voted Out: Chikezie. dang you Kristy Lee!

Random Notes: Is anyone else sick of the crowd? They boo obnoxiously (let them do what they’re paid to do, judge) and they sway to the music in an awkward rhythm, trying to clap along when it’s totally unnecessary. I’ve began to close my eyes when they zoom out to the crowd.

Next Week’s Predicted Loser: Syesha (record: 0/2)

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