“Yes, We Can!” (Obama got it from a Cubs fan)

  • According to Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline, there’s going to be a Tiger and Cub pitted against one another in the ‘ship. Sports Illustrated believes the same.
  • According to Erik Karabell of Fantasy Sports fame, it’s going to be a match between the cursed, Cubs vs. Red Sox.
  • ESPN the Magazine published that the Indians would meet the Cubs in that elusive series.
  • And in a general consensus, the Cubs are picked as favorites to win the NL Central.

Every year, there seems to be similar expectation from this team. Every year, they have new off-season acquisitions that will change the outcome of their previous year’s letdown. Every year, they have questions about the starting rotation and the dependability of their bullpen. Every year, the pundits pick them to succeed, but without fail, every year the Cubs have stumbled far short of their intended goals and have left their faithful fans with that all too familiar taste in their mouth. If losing was a candy, it’d be sour jawbreaker.

But why do I believe all the hype this year? Well, simply because I’m a cubs fan. I’ve bought the hype every year. But something in my blue & red blood tells me that this year’s not just hype. Something in my heart of hearts (all cubs fans are born with two hearts, in the case they blow a game in the ninth) tells me that this year’s going to be different. Again, it could just be that good ol’ north side optimism. But the spirit of Harry Carey tells me this is it. And c’mon, 100 years without a world series trophy to hold? Records are meant to be broken, right? Don’t curses only last for a 100 years?

Let’s just put it simply: Opening day is tomorrow and for Cubs fans, this means it’s the beginning of the end. We’re sick of the billy goat. We’re sick of the curse. We’re sick of “close enough”. We’re sick of “maybe next year”. We want October baseball under the lights. We want the ivy at Wrigley to glitter with champagne sparkles. We want those special 2008 World Series balls hitting the streets on Waveland and Ashland. We want a ring ceremony to begin our 2009 Season. We want to be champions again. Is this the year we can change all that? Yes, we can!


3 Comments on ““Yes, We Can!” (Obama got it from a Cubs fan)”

  1. Linh says:

    i think we became famous cause of our curse. it unites Cubs fans. However, I would really like to see them win sometime before i die. Go Cubs! 🙂 Go White Sox! 😀 (i’m actually a Sox fan, something about playing on the South side of Chicago… )

  2. balloonanimals says:

    Which is more exciting? Senator Obama being the first African-American delegate to be elect by the DNC or the Chicago Cubs on the path to the World Series?


  3. […] the beginning of this year’s season, I wrote about how this was the year that they were going to put to rest this dreaded curse. And […]

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