Gmail is Crazy!

Was your paper turned in late?

Did you miss that crucial deadline and now your boss is on your case?

Do people complain you never return emails?

Well, now Google, soon to be ruler of the world, has created a feature that will allow you to defy time. You get to pre-date your emails. So let’s say you missed a paper deadline, but now with Gmail Custom Time, you can send it and pretend all along you never missed the deadline! This is going to change the world. Time is no longer of the essence. Crazy Google.

And by the way, if they’re able to come out with crazy features like this, why are they still in “beta” (i never understood that)

April Fool’s!


3 Comments on “Gmail is Crazy!”

  1. dyuh says:

    dang it… i knew i should’ve bought stock in google… i could be part of this world-takeover dang it…

  2. joybox says:


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