Why Pastors Should Blog

Another great article I’d commend to you… even if you’re not a pastor.

I wrote about this topic earlier, but it’s so true, what a great way to expand our ministry from only behind the pulpit.

Abraham Piper (Dr. John Piper’s son) writes,

For most of you, anything you post online will only be a small piece in the grand scheme of your pastoral leadership. But if you can maintain a blog that is both compelling and personal, it can be an important small piece.

It will give you access to your people’s minds and hearts in a unique way by giving them a chance to know you as a well-rounded person. You will no longer be only a preacher and a teacher, but also a guy who had a hard time putting together a swing-set for his kids last weekend. People will open up for you as you open up like this for them. Letting people catch an honest glimpse of your life will add authenticity to your teaching and depth to your ministry.


2 Comments on “Why Pastors Should Blog”

  1. Linh says:

    I got as far as “Abraham Piper”, what a cool name!!! 😀

  2. joybox says:

    Hey, I read this on desiringGod, too. 🙂

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