Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition

It’s no secret. One of my favorite shows on TV is ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

For you heartless people out there that still claim to have never cried watching a tv show or a movie, then obviously you’ve never seen this one. Every week, it’s one tear jerker after another. If you’ve never watched this show, the basic premise is that a team of builders and designers commit to build/rebuild a home for a family that is deserving of one. Usually the family is of the extreme variety, whether they are single mom’s raising several children or families with severely disabled children. Whatever the case, the crew not only builds them a new home, but gives them a new start. It’s all pretty symbolic really.

Why do I love this show? I don’t think it’s so much the dramatic nature of it all (rags to riches) or the heart-wrenching story of each family, but more simply it’s the reaction on each person’s face when the bus moves out of the way to reveal the new home behind it. You watch their faces and it’s clear, the burden of struggle quickly falls as they’re presented with the hope a new home provides; it’s almost palpable. Tears are inevitable at this moment as the family members embrace each other in sheer. Without a doubt, during the family interviews one member will comment about something along the lines of “that old house represented our struggles and hurt, but now with this new house we’re facing a brighter future. Our lives will never be the same.”

Now think about that statement for a while. It’s so true on so many levels isn’t it? A home represents a family’s stability and security. A dilapidated home only brings with it worries and a bucket of pessimism, whereas a brand new home has a certain sense of hopefulness to it. Isn’t that sort of true for our Christian lives as well? When we give our lives to Christ, he performs an “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on us
and takes our once crumbling house built on sand and transforms it to a beautiful mansion built on a solid foundation, namely Jesus. And in the unveiling of this new house, we’re so often elated and joyful at the prospect of hope that’s found us. I remember those days when Jesus was everything and there was nothing in the world more beautiful. But those days are few and far between now.

What happens when the novelty of the house soon fades and the weather beats down on the house chipping away it’s luster? I’m sure most families get used to living in their “dream home”. And after several years I bet they lose that sense of awe as they walk into their fully-equipped stainless steel kitchen, walk-in closets, & themed bedrooms. It all becomes just so normal. We become increasingly joyless in our Christian lives as well, don’t we? Often the joy we once knew as a young Christian is replaced by the burdens of ministry, obligations of service, and the joyless practice of spiritual habits.

I often watch the show and think about how this family’s life has changed. But if I really think several years into the future, how much of it will really change. Will they always walk into their house jumping up and down giving each other high-fives? Or will it one day just become a home to them. And what about my Spiritual life? When and how did it become just “Christianity”? Where did the joy of knowing Christ go?

Lord, I need an Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition. Ruin me and destroy my joyless rituals and restore once again that sense of awe and wonder of who You are.


One Comment on “Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition”

  1. dani says:

    hey i love this show and hpefuly they will help me anut and give her non-cancer house so that she can live till i get into high school.

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