Knowledge vs. Wisdom

“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” Alfred Lord Tennyson

This quote pretty much sums up what I’ve been feeling this past week. What good is everything that you know, if it doesn’t effect how you live. They say that the farthest distance is from the head to the heart, but I would think it’s bit further from the head to the feet. Knowledge that puffs the mind is so useless. It’s only when knowledge reaches the heart and causes the feet to move that it becomes wisdom lived. Man, I’m such an arrogant fool to think I “know” everything.

Lord, humble this arrogant heart; bring it down to scale. Show me Lord that the head goes nowhere if the feet don’t move. Let me not be foolishly satisfied with a knowledge that comes, but seek to have a wisdom that lingers.

2 Comments on “Knowledge vs. Wisdom”

  1. nfmos5 says:

    some really nice things are written in this article

  2. scribe9 says:

    Nice–and the Meyers-Briggs prayer is great fun.

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