Hungry? Why Wait?

Note to self: always stay hungry.

Physically, this is no problem for me. I can throw down with the best of ’em. I eat like it’s a sport; and I hate to lose! I’m like a fat kid in dodgeball; I’m the first one out, but then I’m the first one in line for lunch. If eating was banned, I’d start bootlegging chicken wings…you get the point. I love eating and I’m always hungry.

But spiritually, I’m a whole different animal. My spiritual appetite pales in comparison to my physical appetite. In fact, if I could say this in the most blunt way, I’d say I’m a spiritual binge eater. There will be moments when I gorge on the spiritual food before me (retreats), but there are definitely the same, if not even more, amount of times when I’m starving myself to the point of spiritual exhaustion.

What I’m realizing these days is that I’m lacking a healthy spiritual diet. But much more than that, as I think about how I’m going to be faithful 40 to 50 years from now, I realized that the secret is going to be to consistently ask myself, “Are you hungry?”

It’s a hunger for God that will keep me humble, dependent, & faithful in coming back to Him. It’s that hunger that will make me realize that all other things don’t satisfy my soul. It’s that hunger that will once again remind me that Jesus is all that I need. I want to be hungry. I want to eat the food that will feed my soul. I want to grow.

Dan, are you hungry?


One Comment on “Hungry? Why Wait?”

  1. Linh says:

    i don’t understand the fat kid and dodge ball thing… are you saying you can’t play dodge ball cause you are too fat to miss? or too big to move fast enough to dodge or you like food like you like dodge ball? i don’t get it!
    ooooh, it’s part of the rest of the sentences. what a dumb illustration.

    but i like the spiritual hunger part. 😀

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