A Christian Castro

Ok. I know it’s pretty dorky of me to continually blog on American Idol…but I just gotta share this tidbit. This season, I’ve been pretty into what’s been happening week in and week out. And I’ve made it pretty clear to those I know who my favorite is: Jason Castro. Now, I admit, he has a slim chance of winning, due to his narrow fan niche, but I think he’s gonna be a success way after Idol (I’m starting to sound like a crazed fan, but it’s all good).

The purpose of this post? Well, you can imagine that after reading Joshua Harris’ recent blogs on American Idol, I was elated to read this little portion on his latest post about the Shout to the Lord performance on last week’s Idol Give Back special:

Jason Castro’s Church
A girl named Leslie attends the church that Jason is from. She writes,

Jason Castro and his family attend my church in Rockwall, Texas. He is a Christian and has asked for prayer because one of the other contestants is either an atheist or agnostic. I was told that Jason Castro encouraged a few of the others to sing “Shout to the Lord” after they at first balked at the lyrics. Just FYI: Jason’s mother gave him the idea to get dreadlocks, and he now uses his look as a way to be able to witness to teens that normally wouldn’t listen. Way to go, Jason!

Now all the more, I want him to win it! If you haven’t had a chance… go check out Jason’s rendition of Hallelujah. As a result of that performance, iTunes saw the largest increase ever in sales of one song as a result of an Idol contestant.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Idol…rumor has it that it’s Mariah Carey’s week.

Now I will shamefully go hide in a corner now that I’ve just scared half of you with how much I’m into Idol.

4 Comments on “A Christian Castro”

  1. neil schori says:

    It was incredible for me to see God glorified on Idol 2x last week…unreal huh?

    Great to learn about Jason Castro! Thanks for the info.

  2. jean says:

    good story
    except for the fact that his mom told him to get dreadlocks.. so that young people will think he’s cool. that’s actually pretty lame.
    that’s right.. i said it!

  3. joybox says:

    he’s pretty awesome. πŸ™‚

  4. joybox says:

    by the way… it IS crazy business (the lake house), but… i guess only sappy hippies like me are crazy about the crazy love business. yeaaa… πŸ™‚ um, not everyone’s a fan. i honestly think it’s just me… and maybe some keanu fans (or sandra bullock fans). =.=

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