The lack of posts in the recent weeks can be attributed to a sudden overload as the school year ends and things are wrapping up. I guess that’s what you get when you live in a campus town. Finals have hit for the students, it’s the end of the year for church related activities, & work’s been piling up at the office. But in the midst of all the hustle and bustle I’ve found moments when I can truly say I’m thankful for the busyness.

“I’d much rather be busy than lazy” is often what I say to people. And I really believe it. Having too much to do is so much better than having nothing to do. Am I the only one? I feel it’s in the busiest of times I attain the clarity of my life’s purpose, because when things begin to pile up you have to ask yourself the question, “what’s the most important thing in my life?” If you try to tackle everything at the same time, you’ll never get anything done. But if you take a second to evaluate your life’s values, then you’ll be able to discern what to handle first. Sadly though, it often takes moments like these for me to sit and evaluate what’s truly important in my life.

Lord, grant me the vision and clarity of a singular purpose in my life, whether I’m braving the storms or resting near the sea.


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