Mightier Than The Dollar

It’s my last day in Champaign and everything just sort of makes sense to me. I used my last roll of toilet paper today. I ran out of body wash in the morning. And I have no more soap. My last ounce of hair wax is now in my head. If my toiletries could talk, they’d be saying, “get the heck outta here!” Ok, I’m on my way.

Recent moments that remind me of what’s mightier than the dollar:

Sunday, May 25 at YG – In my last service with CFCyg the sermon was the culmination of a 2.5 year series in the gospel of Mark. The subject? The resurrection power of Jesus. God opened my eyes once more to what my purpose is in this world: to reveal to a dying generation the surpassing worth of knowing Christ & the power of His resurrection that can bring new life. It was fitting.

Sunday, June 8 at SSC – In an impromptu “send-off service” in the middle of Pastor Ko’s office, I was joined by the very brothers and sisters that were able to witness God’s amazing faithfulness and transforming power in my life. “Dan Ko” and “pastor” would’ve never been uttered in the same sentance 8 years ago. But as they stood around me with their hands laid, in one voice interceding on my behalf, I felt the call of God being affirmed once again. It was as if God was saying, “it is here I found you, and now it’s from here I send you.” It seemed fitting.

Monday, June 9 in my apt – Tonight, I packed all my belongings into my tiny car. Do the math: lotsa stuff, tiny car. In the hustle and bustle of trying to move & fit everything, God gently reminded me that I don’t need any of this junk. What good are things when they take my eyes off the Maker. What good are gifts when I forget the Giver. All I need to bring is His Word & my dependent heart. Though I was tempted to radically leave it all behind. I thought it unwise to throw away much of my livelihood.

In these three snapshots, I came to realize that which is mightier than the dollar. Though it is a real concern of mine, what I must never forget is that the root of worry & stress comes from a heart that’s not fully dependent on the Lord. And that’s why prayer is mightier than the dollar.

Lord, concern me with the things of your heart. Let me seek thy beauty in the temple all the days of my life.

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