Champion of the World

It was a really bad year to move to Boston. They are in an unprecedented season in their sports history. The Patriots are a dynasty. The Bruins aren’t bad. The Red Sox are owning the American League. And as some of you have just witnessed, the Celtics are the new NBA champions. It’s a bad year for a Chicagoan in Boston.

But before the Big Ticket, Jesus, & the Truth got to hold the trophy, I got my hands on it. And you know what I did? I purposefully put my fingerprints all over it! Take that Danny Ainge!

I’m telling you. Wait ’til October folks. Wait ’til October. Cubs vs. Red Sox. Cubs in 6 at Wrigley. Can’t wait.


2 Comments on “Champion of the World”

  1. hojinyoo says:

    That’s great camera work.

  2. Simon says:

    hello.. it’s cubs vs yankees.. yankees in 4… eat it.

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