The Stretch & Release

I call it the “stretch & release”.

It’s a move that releives all tensions, stresses, and harkens us back to that old island way of life, hakuna matata. It’s a maneuver that’s better than any punching bag, massage, or even one of those squishy stress balls. Perform the “stretch & release” and find that you are elevated to near nirvana (ok, maybe not that high…but close).

It’s performed in three easy steps:

1. Stretch out your arms way out and way away from you. Whether you go backward, upward, or outward, it doesn’t matter. Just stretch OUT.

2. Release the sound that your inner body is feeling at that very moment. Mine normally sounds like a moaning mixed in with muffled expletives. But everyone’s will be different. Make it your own noise!

3. Repeat often.

Now you’re ready to perform the “Stretch & Release”. Try it today.


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