How I Fell In Love With Starbucks

Today, I wrote another chapter in my continuing work experience saga. I began my first day as a Starbucks Barista. Now, some of you crazy non-conformists may be kicking and screaming right now about how I’ve sold out to the evil empire, while others of you are quietly brewing with jealousy because you’ve always wanted to don the green apron and caffeinated smile. Well, I’d like to think today was the beginning of a happy marriage between Starbucks and I.

A Short Synopsis of How We Met

It was in my youthful years when I was first introduced to coffee by my loving parents that this relationship started to brew* (*note the intentional play on words. yes, it was completely unnecessary, but it had to be done). My love for coffee (or some may think it’s now become an addiction) has grown exponentially in recent years due to a full-time work schedule and additional church responsibilities. In summary, it’s become my crutch when my body’s in disrepair (which is the case 98% of the time).

Starbucks logo

It’s been a long process for Starbucks and I. We found each other in the summer of 2000, when I first had my taste of a Caramel Machiatto (the sparks flew). After that initial sip of the sweet tasting Machiatto, I knew we had something special going on. Starbucks played hard to get for a while, because I’d have to travel many miles in order to get my daily fix of her. But when she moved closer to my home by the winter of 2000, we never knew a day apart from one another. Since then, we’ve been inseparable, to the point where she gets jealous even at the mention of that other coffee (dunkin donuts). There was a point in 2005 when Starbucks and I had a falling out for two years. She became too demanding (higher prices) and “the other coffee” moved in next door. So, admittedly, I became unfaithful and began seeing “the other coffee” quite frequently. But just as any cheap substitute, the excitement only lasted so long and I soon find out that the best can never be replaced (even if their half the price). Starbucks and I eventually made amends in the beginning of 2007, and since then our relationship has been stronger than ever. Yes, there are occasions when I’ll flirt with other coffees, but it’s all in good fun, plus she’s miles away and I always report to her. We’ve come to a mutual understanding of one another. She knows I’m faithful to her to the best of my abilities and, in return, she’s been unwavering in her commitment to me.

The Next Step

So it was all pretty logical. Our relationship, being as good as it was, needed to progress. So with the timing being impeccable, I decided we’d get hitched. I realized I couldn’t stand to live a day apart from her. And she was willing to accept me even with all my imperfections. It was a match made in heaven. We were meant for one another. She gave me all the benefits I needed, and I would work my butt off for her happiness. So, we begin our life together. How long it will last is really up to the both of us. If we continue to sacrifice for one another, I suspect it will be a long-lasting partnership. Whatever the outcome, I’m looking forward to the many happy years ahead. Starbucks, I love you!

Back To Reality

In all seriousness, today was my first day. They take employee training seriously at Starbucks. I’m finished with day 1 of 9 where I’ll learn the ins and outs of the company. It’s actually really inspiring, because I realize how much it takes to train a good worker. Though many people want to skip the training to get to the action, I see how only well-trained workers can become the best employees. If you want to become mediocre, then, by all means, get crackin. But if you want to be the best, you best sit and read all the manuals and endure the tutorials. Lesson learned: training is essential for effectiveness and deliberate patience is essential for training.

Other than the training, the coffee tastings are my favorite part. Free coffee and pastries all day! sweet… (literally)


One Comment on “How I Fell In Love With Starbucks”

  1. eunmee says:

    Does caro know about this love affair?! 🙂 I hope Boston is treating you well 🙂

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