Freedom is never Free

Freedom comes at a price.

American Flag

the vision of a revolutionary leader.
the life long struggle of an activist.
the result of centuries of war.
the life of a fallen soldier.
the voice of thousands of the innocent.
the blood of martyrs.
the struggle against a tyrannical ruler.
the grief of mourning mothers.
the efforts of grassroots campaigns.
the worry of stressed out wives.
the devastation of an atomic bomb.
the loss of civilian lives.
the product of billions of dollars in war funds.
the amputation of limbs.
the post-traumatic stress of war veterans.
the countless war memorials across America.
the night terrors of soldiers.
the tears of crying orphans.
the prayers of a whole entire nation.

but all this pales in comparison to

the death of God’s one and only son, Jesus Christ.

Freedom always comes at a price.

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