Where you from?

It’s such an important question. Without fail, it’s usually the one question that you ask a person you’ve just met. It can say a lot about someone. It can tell you what ethnicity and culture they embrace. It can tell you their history and worldview. It can tell you why they speak so funky. It can even tell you whether they prefer to wear socks or not. Where you’re from tells others so much about you, without you having to explain it all.

I’m from Chicago. What’s that say about me? Well, for one, it tells them what allegiance I hold in matters regarding sports (Cubs, Bulls, Bears, & Illini). What else? It tells them I know how to eat (hot dogs, deep dish, sausages, etc). It also tells them I know how to deal with year-to-year highway construction.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short time here in Boston, it’s that absolutely no one is from Boston. It’s true. If you live here, it’s highly likely that you were born and raised somewhere else. It’s just the nature of the city. No one stays long enough to see the next Bruins Stanley Cup. And even if they do, no one cares. Boston is a city full of migrants. Here for a season and gone the next. But that’s what makes this city so interesting. Everyone brings a different flavor to this lego bucket of culture.

Much like the very world we live in, Christians aren’t permanent residents, either. We’re from a different city. We’re just passing right on through. But the question always to ask ourselves is, “Do people confirm where we’re from by witnessing our lives?” Can you tell someone you’re a Christian and will they say, “Oh, you love others more than yourself, don’t you!?” “I bet you love to be unselfish with your time and talents!” “What’d you think about that Bible? Surely, you’ve read it!?” Sadly, sometimes no one is able to tell we’re Christians, unless we tell them. And sometimes, even when we tell them, they don’t believe us.

Where you from?


One Comment on “Where you from?”

  1. Simon says:

    That picture is so you.

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