Truth is Truly Important

I guess it goes without say. What you believe will inevitably surface in your way of life. I guess I can relate it to something as simple as your choice in what you eat. When it comes to food there are generally three camps: Health Nuts, Gluttons, & the Indecisive. Health Nuts take careful consideration of what they intake, weighing all the nutritional contents, measuring out their daily caloric intake. Gluttons eat as they please and have a more hedonistic approach to food. The Indecisive are those people that can never make up their mind and thus, they never really like it nor do they ever hate it; it’s just whatever. Now for each group, their approach to food is different because of what each of them believes. The Health Nuts believe food is nutritious. Gluttons believe food is pleasure. The Indecisive believe food is…food. Our approach of food and what we actually eat is governed by what we believe to know about food. For if we really believed food to be detrimental to our lives, we’d never eat (and we all know where that will lead us). Truth matters.

If you think truth doesn’t matter. Then you’re gravely mistaken. It dictates nearly everything you do. You do nothing because you just feel like it. You do, because you know. And if there’s one thing I’m learning as I crawl back into the world of being the student again, I’m realizing that what you understand about this world to be true will undoubtedly shape how you will live in this world. For the first time in a long time, I’m being forced to formulate my understanding of what is true. And though it’s a laborious task, it’s rewarding to know that you’re pursuit of knowledge won’t just stop at the head, but will travel down to the hands and feet. Admittedly, it’s much easier to be spoon-fed truisms and ideals, but that will only lead you to live a life that you may or may not agree with. You must find truth, but not only find it; you must own it.

Lord, may I know the ultimate truth that comes only through your living and active voice, which is in the Word. May I clutch tightly to the Word of God, because it is my teacher when the winds of worldy influence are like shifting sand. May I know it, and let it govern the way I live.


2 Comments on “Truth is Truly Important”

  1. I was shocked when I became a real Christian, not a pretend one, how my version of Christianity now differed from so many loudly professing Christians on many issues now as well such as spiritual gifts, helping poor people, and I had to really rightfully conclude that the others were not real Christians, were persons who did not read the while Bible, were not practicing the truth faith according to the new testament, the whole Bible too but wrongfully these others they now were preaching practicing the overly false, simplified Gospel according to them, for they were hirelings, false , false teachers false prophets, false pastors, false elders, false evangelists, false deacons, a false Christian.

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