String of Thoughts (mostly about love)

What good is a label on an empty jar? Or better put, What good is a Christian when they are not filled with love?

Really. What good is the most righteous and upright Christian, if he/she does not display the love of Christ? What good is the sum of tireless service projects, short-term missions trips, and all night prayer meetings, if we do not display to the world the love of God by our love for one another.

What good is the “Welcome Sign” when all we do in our churches is huddle with our backs turned to the world?

Call me critical and label me hypocrite, but what would the world be like if we all learned how to love like the gospel has displayed for us.

He knew no sin. But He became sin for us. So that we might live. And that He would die. At the cross, He was labeled “King of the Jews”. And rightly so. Jesus came to us a servant. He died on the cross as a criminal. But He was raised from death as God. And now sits high on his throne like a King.

I desperatly need to understand this.


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