Jordan, Gretzky, Tiger…Phelps?

What do all these men have in common? They’re winners.

Their names define what it means to compete and have the will to win. The mere mention of their name connotes a sense of domination in their respective field. Their intensity is hardly matched by any of their competitors. In our modern language their names have become viable substitutes for adjectives like great, competitive, legendary, and dominant. And we’re constantly looking for the next great one. The next Jordan? The next Gretzky? The next Tiger?

So what about Phelps? Has he earned his way into this elite league of names? I think so.

he’s so hot right now.

2 Comments on “Jordan, Gretzky, Tiger…Phelps?”

  1. danahbeth says:

    hey dude! have you seen the korean woman weightlifter? she’s my hero. meredith from boston…i will definitely look out for her. actually if you have her contact and you don’t think she minds, i can get in touch with her. i found a great church here, jubilee. have you found a church? i hear there’s an uno’s in korea?? mmmm deep dish pizza.

  2. razorf says:

    Jordon, yes. Tiger, yes. Gretzki, yes. Phelps, nope. Reason? The other people on the list have dominated their sport for years. Week in, week out. You cannot compare professional sports athletes with Olympic athletes. I’m up for comparing Phelps to Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Roger Banister, Nadia Comaneci though and he rightly deserves to be among those names.

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