Faith in a Skeptical World

Body proves Bigfoot no myth, hunters say –

If I were living near any wooded areas or remote parts of the country where men from Northern Georgia frequently come to hunt, I’d get the heck out of there. Bigfoot’s family is pissed.

Sensational? Doing it for the money? Hungry for their 17 minutes of fame? (ever notice how youTube immortalizes the stupidest people) Or is it the real deal, after all they have pictures to prove it. Whatever way you take it, I’m telling you. It’s not real. You can believe me or not, but you can’t tell me there’s been a pack of 7 foot gorilla-like human beings roaming around the U.S. and no one has ever seen them? I’d rather believe New Kids on the Block’s gonna have a #1 single.

This just goes to show how skeptical we all are in this society (I admit, I’m living proof). We are beings of doubt. We are driven by skepticism, criticism, and general pessimism. Call it a reaction to the countless broken promises, immoral failures of respected leaders, and a general deviance and half truth from our most authoritative figures. But the truth of the matter is, our culture will count you guilty, until proven innocent. Innocence is a long ago myth. Purity is no longer popular. Therefore, Christians are by far the moral minority. No one wants to believe that anyone lives a pure life for a God they can not see. No one is willing to stake their life any more on something that’s never been quantifiably proven. Christianity, in the eyes of popular culture, is nothing more than a label for those that swing the popular vote one way or another. We have been dwindled down to nothing short of just another club that meets in large buildings on Sunday mornings.

Why is that? Why are people so skeptical of the Gospel? Why is it so hard to believe that God would come down in the form of a man, live sinlessly for 33 years and obey His father’s desire to go to the cross and die an excruciating death? And all this out of a love for us? And now we can stand blamelessly before an all holy God, without shame?

I can’t believe it. Even to me, it sounds strange and unreasonable.

But I do believe it.

Our generation is doubtful that the Christian claims are real. How will we convince them?


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