Leave it up to the Computers

The Associated Press: Human eye can’t keep up with fast-closing Phelps

Not to diminish anything Michael Phelps has done, but take a serious look at the frame by frame from the 7th Gold Medal race.

Can anyone say oops? Frame 2 looks like the Serbian touched first. But who can argue with Omega’s technology?

But I still think he’s hot. If the human were the judge, I’d say 7 golds and one lowly silver. But let’s say he won all 8 (which he technically did) With the 8 gold medals, he is tied with Brazil, Poland, Kenya, and Romania in the medal standings. He has as many medals as whole countries do. But if we count just golds alone for the standard of olympic excellence, then he’s in 9th overall behind Japan, who has 9 gold medals. He’s ahead of countries like, Brazil, Canada, Spain, France, and Italy. If that’s not sick, I’m not sure anything else will impress you more.


2 Comments on “Leave it up to the Computers”

  1. Simon says:

    the view from under the water makes it a bit clearer i think.. and the serbian was coasting in while phelps accelerated in.. i thought phelps won.. not from up top..

  2. dyuh says:

    Yeah I thought that from above it looked like he lost, but then I had to remember that the water can reflect things at different angles making it look like he’s touching the wall when he’s really not…

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