The Korean Men’s Baseball team completed a 9-0 unbeaten Olympic season as Gold Medal winners. I’m so proud of my Korean brothers for beating the baseball giant, Cuba!

What triggered this post though was this picture to the left. It’s such a great picture of what it looks like when we encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I was having a conversation with someone the other night and I realized that I lack so much love for my brothers and sisters in Christ that I’m not able to cheer them on or affirm them enough. I find myself in such a self-promoting positioning match with those around me that I’m not able to take a glance and see what amazing things God is doing in another person’s life and just praise God for it. I’m so blinded by my own pride that I’m not able to revel in the awesome things God is doing in another person’s life. In all, I’m so me-centered.

But when we remain Christ-centered, I believe we can be the greatest cheerleaders (i mean that in the most testosterone-filled way possible). If we were Christ-centered, we could joyfully sit on the sidelines and cheer our other brothers and sisters that are getting the playing time when we’re not. And instead of becoming Jealous or Competitive, we’d be able to revel in our brother’s glory. This is what a Christ-centered life looks like. We’re able to praise God for what others have done, not merely for what we’ve done.

So what I see in this picture is a glimpse of this godly (manly) cheerleading. I see a group of men, tossing their coach high in the air, praising his efforts and affirming him greatly for the great work he’s done. No one in that group is smitten because he’s not the one being tossed in the air. Collectively, their all joining in together to praise this coach for a job well done. And imagine the feeling this coach is experiencing at this moment. He feels supported, loved, acknowedged, and completely care-free. I think we need more of that in the Christian brotherhood.


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