That’s What She Said… (Part 1)

the unofficial story from my perspective

“Yes. Of Course!” That’s what she said when I asked her to marry me.

Rewind a few months back to her 25th Birthday, when I sent Caroline an envelope marked “Do Not Open!” Inside were cards that we’d use throughout the weekend she was to visit in order to make things fun. They all had some sort of directions on them (i.e. Fashion Show!, Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Ask Anything, etc). And I was going to ask her to draw from the deck every once in a while to help us in what we were going to do next that day.

So with that, plans were set for a Labor Day weekend full of surprises. I had the blessings of her family & friends. The travel arrangements were made. And the party planning was coming together in two cities. In all, it was going to be a busy weekend: 3 days in 3 different cities ending with 1 ring and 1 very happy couple.


I did a “dry run” through what we were going to do on Saturday. Call me Johnny Cautious, but I just wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing before I actually did it. Especially, since I didn’t know the city as well as I would like after moving here just a few months ago.

Did a lot of praying as I was walking the streets of the city, and it was sinking in slowly that this was where God was calling me to serve. And I prayed a lot for our (Caroline and I) future marriage and ministry together. Overall, a hugely blessing day of reflection, repentance, and rejoicing.

Around midnight, went to go pick Caroline up at the airport. I missed seeing her face live and in person.


A full day of touring the city of Boston was in order. We woke up early. (Card #1 – Fashion Show) I had told her we were going to have a really nice dinner that night, so I convinced her to bring a change of clothes, so she could look her best. We grabbed our Starbucks and hopped on the train to go into the city.

After a full walkabout tour of Boston, we ended up at Jin’s (my sister’s boyfriend) place to get changed and wash up a little. About this time, I was nervously anticipating what I was going to say when I proposed. And while she was changing in another room, I carefully pulled out the ring one last time and placed it securely in my pocket (touching it a million and a half time just to make sure it was ok). It’s a feeling only those who’ve been there can understand. You really feel as if that thing is secretly burning a hole in your pockets and planning an escape, so you get ultra paranoid and pat it constantly to make sure it’s staying put.

(Card #2 – Take a walk on the wild side) And after a great dinner on the Harbor, we went for a stroll along the Harbor Walk. All this time, while we were at dinner, my roommates Hojin & Andy, were scouting the best spot to propose and have pictures to show for it. I got the go ahead for the perfect spot, so I took Caroline for a leisurely after-dinner stroll along the pier. At dinner we had an awesome conversation about what our future here in the city was going to look like and it continued as we walked toward “the spot”. As I got to the bench, we took a seat and nervously, I started to “setup” the proposal. At this point, all I could hear in my periphery was “click. click. clickety click.” Hojin was going nuts on his camera! I was about to turn around and tell him to shutup! But good thing Caroline was so engrossed in what I had to say (or atleast did an awesome job pretending).

I shared with her just some of the things God’s been teaching me here in the past few months and where I see God calling me and us in the future. After what seemed like an hour long speech, I asked her, “Would you be willing to do that with me?” She quickly replied, “Of course.” Then I asked her to stand up for me (we’ve been sitting this whole time, overlooking the beautiful Boston skyline). As she stood up, I took her hand, got down on one knee, and pulled the ring out of my pocket. I looked up at her and all she kept saying was, “No! Are you serious?! No way…” and in a weird reflex proceeded to pinch my cheeks! I wasn’t gonna have that in my proposal pics, so I brushed her hand away. ๐Ÿ™‚

While I was on my knee, supposedly Hojin made a mad dash from 100 yards away to get to the perfect spot, but it was already too late. She had already answered, “Yes. Of course!” I got up, gave her the biggest hug I could and we prayed for both ourselves and the city. This is where the tears started to flow. “Amen,” I ended. Looking at her, I wiped the tears from her cheeks, “You ready for this?” I asked. She just nodded.

I told her to turn around and there they were, Hojin & Andy waving in the distance. And after a few more hugs and high-fives, the night came to an end. We went out to celebrate after and spent the night texting friends and family. After talking to her parents, she got another card that read, “Day Trip. Pack Your Bags.” (Card #3 – Day Trip) Her parents told her to come down to New York City, where she lives, to have dinner with them on Sunday. So being the great daughter she is, she obliged and early in the morning we were going to head down to NYC.

It will forever be an unforgettable night. But it wasn’t the end just yet. The weekend of surprises had just started…

to be continued (PART 2 posted on Caroline’s Blog)

5 Comments on “That’s What She Said… (Part 1)”

  1. Wayne says:

    congrats guys! can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year =)

  2. eunmee says:

    yahooo! can’t wait to hear what happens next ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish they got the picture of her pinching your cheeks!

  3. Simon says:

    did u cry too?? i hope you did.. hehehe

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