$10 Billion Dollar Waste of Time

Multibillion-dollar experiment to probe nature’s mysteries – CNN.com.

There are some ridiculous things humans endeavor to accomplish. This might be up there as one of the top ten huge wastes of time (and money) – right under the Chicago Bears string of busted first round draft picks of Rashaan Salaam, Curtis Enis, & Cade McNown in the 90’s.

Spend billions of dollars for what? To prove what we already know about the universe? Very little. Ok, I admit, a positive spin on all this could lead to the disproving of any anti-creation theories and ultimately allow scientists to reconsider the Earth’s Divine Authorship. But at best, I fear, we may gain only slight improvements in our understanding of the essence of matter and we’ll only make just that – slight improvements. And you don’t even get to watch as the atoms collide with one another, the scientists only get to read the charts! Now, if you let people watch as the atoms collided, you might have a product to market. But I sure don’t think people will flock to the nearest Walmart when “slight improvements” are on sale for $10 billion dollars. Doesn’t sound like a deal to me.

Why not spend that money to do something worthwhile? Like what? Buy the Bears a competent quarterback that can throw for more than 6 yards at a time. (but so far so good for the Bears, you make me hopeful for what “could be” this year…)

This post has been brought to you by a fruitful study break and the procrastination of further theological readings of a seminarian.


One Comment on “$10 Billion Dollar Waste of Time”

  1. davidyoo27 says:

    John Lim was so happy to see this….freaking jerk!

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