Seminary Update

So far so good. My one worry with Seminary (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) was that my mind might start to outrun my heart, but I’m almost surprised to say that the reading that I’m doing and the studies I’m involved with are doing nothing but enriching my spiritual life. I realize I run the risk of sounding like a complete nerd and a grade-A suckup, but it’s absolutely true. Everything from the study of broad theological concepts concerning God’s revelation to us, His creation, and to the nitty gritty of New Testament text criticisms, perusing through the original greek documents at a painstakingly slow pace. I’m loving it (seriously).

Now I’m sure my honeymoon period with Seminary will soon wear off to the reality of my marriage to it for the next 3 years, but let a brother enjoy the moment!

I’ve also settled nicely into a church I absolutely love. It’s called Seven Mile Road. It’s a growing community of young believers learning what it means to love God and love those around them. From week one of stepping in to worship with them, I truly did feel called to stay. I’m excited to learn, grow, and be challenged out of my comfort zones and learn what it means to be missional in the city of Boston. Also, it’s a pretty weird story, tailor made only for the 21st century of how I ended up at Seven Mile in the first place. Let’s just say that Craigslist can do more than sell your unwanted Nintendo 64 games.

Admittedly, a Korean dude coming from a pan-asian church background worshipping weekly with non-Asians was a huge adjustment. But man, after the initial culture shock, I’m just amazed at the unity faith in Christ can bring. Jew or Gentile, truly there is no other God that brings unity to the world.

I leave you with just some things that got me abrewing in my tiny pea-brain. I feel I must vomit them here in order to process…

  • Any rejection of the New Testament based on the idea that it’s unreliable, because it has far too many errors and inconsistencies is just poor scholarship. The evidence stacked up against you, if that’s the position you take, is just too great.
  • Jesus is God’s Revelation (John 1:1). How cool is it that God would give us, the blind and foolish ones, something to touch and point at, allowing us to say that it is God, himself? If you think about it, He’s letting us hit from the ladies’ tees.
  • The Author writes himself into every book. Look for Him and He’s there.
  • Recover the Gospel! This generation needs the Gospel. The Good News. The too Good to be true News.

One Comment on “Seminary Update”

  1. Simon says:

    GOSH.. what a grade A suckup!! hehehe

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