Will Give Blood for Tickets.

ESPN Page 2 – Hill: Bleeding the fans!.

Maybe we have to blame the economy or just point the finger at Bush, but that’s getting old already. It could even be the simple laws of supply and demand at work here. It might even be that I’m really bitter that I wasn’t chosen to purchase Cubs NLDS tickets! Whatever the case, the price of sporting event tickets (and this could be applied to movies, concerts, and shows) are ridonculous. Anyone else concur?

Check out stubhub or ebay and you’ll see what I mean. Either these sporting venues are making a killing off of us or they’re in dire straits as much as we are and scrape by paying the bills every month. But goodness, $75 to sit in the Upper Deck for a baseball game? You get a better game listening to the radio!

I agree with Hill when she says, “The goal wasn’t to stick it to the fans.” The loyal ones are now stuck at home or in a crummy sports bar delegated to watching the game on flat screens, instead of being able to get on the field, smell the crisp October air, and high-five drunk strangers in the holy grounds of your favorite sports team. It’s murder what these franchise owners are doing to their fans.

There will soon come a generation that will no longer give their loyalty to the Cubs, for example, because they simply couldn’t afford to step into Wrigley growing up. This will inevitably lead to the proliferation of bandwagon sports fans into the next century. Let’s face it, people follow popular sports now. The Red Sox and Yankees are spotlighted on ESPN whether you live in Alaska or in the Florida Keys. And whoever is the hot team of the minute will garner a mass following. Thus, the growth and mainstay of bandwagon sports.

I fear the future of sports. We may not see the reprocussions now, but just you wait. Sooner or later, people will begin to realize it’s just not worth going to the games anymore. And without the fans, there is no sport.


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  1. 윤택빈 says:

    아이고, 어떻게?

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