“More of the same.” If you’re advertising a product, it’s not the best idea to have a slogan like that in our society. In our ever-changing, fast-paced, nothing-ever-stays-put-for-more-than-20-seconds society, we hunger for change. Familiarity is frowned upon. No one wants the same old, the same old way. We want new. We want different. We want never done before.

Admittedly though, within each of us there’s a strand in our hearts that yearns for some of the same. There’s always a piece of us that yearns to be home, because it’s a familiar place. We want to eat our comfort foods, because it’s what brings us back to fonder memories. We love to go back and relive certain moments, because it reconnects us to what was once familiar. And while the new and different wows us, it does so only superficially. What moves us deeper though is what remains unswervingly familiar.

Our God is never changing. As immutable, He is always the same. Not shifting like the sand, but faithful like a rock. Nothing in this world stays as true as He does. Houses get swept away in floods. Appetites change over time. And our memory fades with age. But God is never changing. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He’s “more of the same”. But in this case, it’s a good thing. We know that when we fall, He will catch us. We know that when we run, He’s there to embrace us. We know that if we lose our way, His light will guide us. Our God is never changing. And I’m thankful that He’s familiar.


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