We’re All Little Theologians

“There may be great lawyers, doctors, natural scientists, historians, and philosophers. But there are none other than little theologians…” Karl Barth in Evangelical Theology

Coming from a massive genius whom most would consider well beyond his time in his thought about God, this is quite a statement. But it’s so true.

The more we endeavor to know or grasp an understanding of God, we’re left with a deeper sense of wonderment and awe. The theologian who gets deeper in His thought of God, never grasps the subject which he studies, rather he finds himself losing more grip on it. He never subdues that which is the object, but the subject finds mastery over him. Simply put, the more we begin to understand about God, the less we conclude to know. It’s a belittling, not in any negative sense, just a rightful humbling before an eternal and inexhaustible God.

Man, He blows my mind. One day, I hope to become a “little” theologian.

One Comment on “We’re All Little Theologians”

  1. joelyoon says:

    This has been experienced in seminary… the more you know, the more you realize you don’t.

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