The Worst Drivers in America

Ok, I’m thoroughly convinced that if we did a nationwide poll on the worst drivers, the city of Boston would top that list easily. It’s maddening how bad people drive. I admit, from the driver’s seat of your car, it’s always everyone else that sucks. But I’d like to think I bring some objectivity seeing that I’m not originally from here.

I’d even pose that Bostonians have the shortest attention span as well, because they will stop to look at anything! Today, I experienced a traffic jam on the on ramp to the highway because there was a green balloon meandering across the field (yes a freakin’ balloon!). If I sound perturbed, it’s because I am. We need to re-ejumakate these drivers… it’s ridonculous.

Surprisingly though the worst cities to drive in are consistently Washington D.C.; Providence, Rhode Island; Boston, Massachusetts; Newark, New Jersey. (GMAC Insuranc & Allstate Insurance)


4 Comments on “The Worst Drivers in America”

  1. HJ says:

    I’ve always thought northern drivers were, in general, better than southern drivers. Bad drivers need to stay off the road fo sho!

  2. joel says:

    sorry, missouri drivers would top that list. they don’t need to take drivers ed. here. just imagine a state full of people thinking they can drive when they can’t. every person that has visited us, without fail, always comments on the driving.

  3. Brette says:

    Agree with Joel. Im originally from Chicago and have lived in St Louis for 3 years. Everytime I get behind the wheel here, my blood pressure skyrockets. Missouri drivers are hands down the slowest and dumbest drivers.

  4. Ryan says:

    Providence is pretty bad. Everyone tailgates, you get cut off a lot all the time, and for the smallest state in the U.S Rhode Island we must have the most rear end collisions.

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