I may choose expand on this idea one day, because there’s just so much to say about its Gospel implication, but I just wanted to share a quick thought.

Giving is lost in our generation (sin has made us stingy).

It may not be proper etiquette, but I keep an eagle eye on who pours their hands in the tip jar at Starbucks. I’ve come to a few very interesting observations about the type of people that give.

1. Some of the biggest tippers are couples and conversely some of the stingiest people are single. I think this is interesting simply because single people have yet to learn what it means to live by sharing one’s whole life with another person. With a healthy level of mutual sharing, in relationship with another person, I think one learns the value and joy of giving. It’s interesting to note here that married couples with children are sometimes the biggest tippers.

2. We often give out of convenience. Loose change is annoying. We’d rather dump it in a jar, rather than have it rattle around in our pockets. But when the change is crisp, light, and fits conveniently in our wallets, it’s harder to let go.

3. Connection often leads to giving. Whether it be a real smile or a quick exchange at the counter, if you connect with someone at a deeper level than they’re expecting during a transaction, they’re likely to give more.

I think we need to recapture a generosity that was modeled for us in generations before us. One wise woman said to me once that the richer someone gets the less they give. So true on so many levels. Rather, I think we ought to be shaped by the Gospel’s model of Generosity.

1. Give without reserve. Give without expecting anything in return or on any conditions. God gave Jesus, because He loved us so much.

2. Give it all. Give everything and the best of it. God gave His one beloved Son.

3. Give first. Give without being given to first, but initiate giving. God initiated in giving His Son to us.


One Comment on “Generosity”

  1. HJ says:

    Good topic! Is it customary to tip at Starbucks though? Employees are not paid below minimum wage (my friend who used to work at one never mentioned how important it was to tip).

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