Christians do the darndest things…

Sunday School Musical: Why do Christians Do This? | Christ and Pop Culture.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s true. Whenever Christians see something that’s wildly successful in pop culture, we take it, keep the essential message the same, but manage to produce it at a much lower quality and pass it off as a “Christian” version. For all we know, the world can look at Christian merchandising/movies/music and say, “Wow, these guys have the same stuff we do, except it’s crappier!” There’s hardly any Gospel redemptive value in any of these knock-offs. It just saddens me that Christians are really good at copying the world’s products and making them worse.

Are we no better than imitators of this world? We’re like the dull mirror that reflects the world back to them, but only a bit muddied by our laziness. Sad. Very Sad.

We need more Christians that are culture changers. Please, Jesus!


One Comment on “Christians do the darndest things…”

  1. caleb says:

    amen and amen again

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