Reflections During a Reading Week

This week, I’m on my first reading week for the Spring Semester. Reading week is a whole week given to students where there is no classes, in order that they could “catch up” or “read up” on all the material that’s been assigned to them. So, in order to keep from my mind exploding with all that it’s being stuffed with, I’ll unload here in bullet point fashion.

  • Reading is more fun when no one tells you what to read.
  • The hours between 1pm and 3pm are deadly for reading.
  • Structure and plan are completely necessary to stay on task. It could just be my “go with the flow” nature that needs structure during weeks like this, but I assume it’s an accurate generalization for all.
  • Mornings are exponentially better for concentration as opposed to nights.
  • There’s no quantifiable value that a breakfast can add to your day.
  • Exercise is key. Get the blood flowing and things just seem easier for the rest of the day.
  • I learn more when I read by myself (in books, notes, etc.), as opposed to lectures.
  • I find that the busier I am, the happier I am. Classic work-a-holic.

Yup, this post was completely useless to you. But it was therapeutic for me – no more mental constipation!


2 Comments on “Reflections During a Reading Week”

  1. David Yoo says:

    i just got an endless hell of reading to do too! i hate cancer

  2. joshuacho1 says:

    How do we become friends on this thing.. I am a wordpress Nooob…

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